Sexual rituals in the world

As you know, sex around the world performs essentially two functions – that is, a purely recreational one – it provides pleasure and relieves tension and that set at the conception of a child, that is, typically procreative. In some cultures and places in the world, there are or really existed extraordinary sexual practices – […]

Sex tourism – places you must see

Sexturizm is nothing but traveling, whose main goal is to search for erotic adventures. Despite the fact that sex tourism is one of the most controversial aspects of contemporary international tourism, its popularity is constantly growing. It’s often confused with prostitution, wrongly – because it covers a much wider scope and it’s much more complicated. […]

The history of porn industry

Pornography, contrary to some opinions, was not created in the 20th century in parallel to the development of the media industry. Today, it is mainly magazines, movies and photos that are intended to evoke sexual arousal. The history of pornography, however, is much older, almost as old as the history of mankind. Eroticism in art […]

Celebrities porn dopplegangers
Porn website users’ data

The largest and probably the most adequate sources of data about what people like to watch on the internet do not come from streaming giants like Amazon, Netflix or Prime Video, but from porn sites! Despite the fact that watching pornography is associated with something intimate and it would seem that it is a private […]

Very peculiar porn actors and actresses

Bridget Powers Bridget Powers was born in 1980 in Boise Idaho in the United States. She has 103 centimeters in height. Bridget was discovered as a young actress in a gothic nightclub. She quickly became a porn star and by that time she appeared in more than 65 original productions. She was also a co-host […]

Women and pornography

Women more and more often admit to watching pornography. PornHub, a popular porn website, recently checked which expressions were most often searched by women when entering adult sites. PornHub is increasingly publishing data on who, what, how often, where and when to search for pornographic films. Women make up a quarter of the community using […]

Masturbation for a noble purpose

Can masturbation be useful? British students came up with a brilliant idea of ​​how satisfying your libido can help other people. They created a website that aims to support foundations such as: The Movember Foundation, which deals with people suffering from prostate cancer, The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund – an agency dealing with research on […]

Movies in Augmented Reality Augmented Reality is a completely new quality in the pornographic industry. Now you can watch a porn movie, which takes place not elsewhere, but in your own home! Just download the ARConk application, and properly recorded porn will be played out in your room, using furniture found there every day as […]

Porn for the blind? Why not? Adult films makers have come to the conclusion that pornography belongs to everyone, regardless of any restrictions or disabilities. This is probably the largest initiative of this type, which aims to make more and more erotic material available to people with visual impairments, which so far have been a […]