Masturbation for a noble purpose

Can masturbation be useful? British students came up with a brilliant idea of ​​how satisfying your libido can help other people. They created a website that aims to support foundations such as: The Movember Foundation, which deals with people suffering from prostate cancer, The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund – an agency dealing with research on testicular and prostate cancer, as well as the Joyful Heart Foundation – a foundation supportive victim of sexual violence.

Although it is hard to get reliable statistics on this topic, as masturbation is still quite a reluctant taboo topic, the Focus web service published a document a few years ago, which shows that for most men and women masturbating is not something strange. According to US studies carried out on a representative sample – as much as 94 percent. men and 85 percent women admit to masturbation. What’s more, specialists are of the opinion that masturbation, and mainly the orgasm experienced as a result of it, helps reduce tension, fight insomnia, reduce the risk of depression, or support the functioning of the immune system.

Why not use the energy deposits that are dormant in us to help the needy? All you need to do is go to the website, find the right video for yourself, do yours, and afterwards click on the IJUSTCAME sign. The creators advertise their website as the happiest porn site in the world and believe that they will be able to convince people that masturbation can be a beautiful experience, not a shameful affliction. In practice, such „support” through masturbation can take place twice a day, and at a minimum of 15-minute intervals. A single „share” has a value of 1 cent.

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