Sex tourism – places you must see

Sexturizm is nothing but traveling, whose main goal is to search for erotic adventures. Despite the fact that sex tourism is one of the most controversial aspects of contemporary international tourism, its popularity is constantly growing. It’s often confused with prostitution, wrongly – because it covers a much wider scope and it’s much more complicated. Often it’s not just the pursuit of sex, but also seeking for a feeling. Regardless of whether you are looking for love or purely physical sensations, or if you’re just an inquisitive person, we have prepared several places for you that are worth visiting.

Sex tourism – where to go?

Thailand – Pattaya – a city located on the Gulf of Thailand, about 120 km from Bangkok. The city that has been called the „capital of pleasure” is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Asia – no wonder it has become the cradle of sex tourism. In 2009, Pattaya resort was announced the place of the greatest debauchery in the world, ahead of the Red Lights District in Amsterdam or Rio de Janeiro during the carnival madness. Sex tourism and even prostitution are socially accepted in Thailand. Perhaps it’s influenced by the fact that in one night Thai can earn as much as her family earns throughout the whole month? It is worth knowing that prostitution in Thailand is not limited to tourist areas only, and the use of brothels is very widespread in this country.

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – a city where prostitution is legal, what’s the reason why women interested in sex can be found here almost everywhere. In addition, there are plenty of popular sex motels in the city. The most famous of these is Termas Centaurus, where many famous people come for sexual pleasure. Probably it is the most famous public house in Brazil, and maybe in the whole world. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the “cult of body and sex” – it’s a place where everything, regardless of our will, constantly stimulates the senses.

The Netherlands – Amsterdam – is the most popular destination when it comes to sex tourism in Europe. The district of the Red Lights (Red Lanterns) is the oldest district of Amsterdam, so it’s no wonder that it’s the place where the oldest business in the world has spread. The Dutch are skillfully combining tradition with education and entertainment – in the Red Light District in front of the Oude Kerk church there is a small bronze prostitute monument, a bit further there are public houses, and in them prostitutes who call on clients to use their services, and next to it is the kindergarten of Księżna Juliana. Interesting combination, isn’t it?

South Korea – on the island of Jeju there is a Love Land, the so-called Park of Love or in other words – Sex Park, which contrary to appearances is not a shameful showcase of this island, on the contrary – it’s real pride of the inhabitants of that part of Asia. In Love Land there are over 140 sculptures depicting fantasy sex positions. Some of them are really interesting – there are sculptures of copulating dogs, decorative phalluses and, above all, fanciful sexual positions.

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