Sexual rituals in the world

As you know, sex around the world performs essentially two functions – that is, a purely recreational one – it provides pleasure and relieves tension and that set at the conception of a child, that is, typically procreative. In some cultures and places in the world, there are or really existed extraordinary sexual practices – both interesting ways to achieve sexual pleasure and the unusual circumstances in which a sexual act takes place. We present you a few of them:

Tibet and Nepal – order of intercourse before marriage

In Tibet or Nepal, among tribal people, it is difficult to talk about sexual abstinence. According to tradition, a woman can not get married unless she sleeps with a dozen men before. What’s more, the marriage does not change much in this matter, because every other tribe man had the right to spend the night with her, and the community itself supposedly bode well for prosperity and wealth.

India – adorned phalluses

In India, a few centuries ago men pierced their organs so that they could decorate them with gold jewelry called „apadravya”, while the prototype of the condom was a wooden tube covered with knobs, called „yalaka.” They often decorated their penis with flowers and sometimes these rituals are still used today.


Similarly in Sumatra there is the Batta tribe, in which men till today decorate their penises with shells, stones and even animal bones.

Korea – penis stimulation with needles

In Korea, there are unique sexual stimulants, namely golden needles, which are designed to wake up a fading temperament in a man’s rod. Such a needle punctures as close as possible to the place that needs to be stimulated to achieve the maximum effect in the form of full erection.

Kamchatka – need for fresh blood

In this distant place on the world map, where visitors from outside were rare, each of them was worth its weight in gold. Therefore, women slept with them for purely procreational purposes, because due to related relatives in the tribe, weaker and more genetically burdened children were born.

Australia – a wife as a gift

Aborigines of the Australian tribe Arunta still treat women as a bargaining chip. They can give their wife to a friend, which is considered a sign of the highest respect. What’s more,

rejecting such a gift is an insult from a friend.

Congo – Bantu and other African tribes

In some African tribes, young girls wait with sexual initiation until the honorary duty – depriving them of their virginity before marriage – will be fulfilled by the tribal leader. This is so important that at the moment when the leader does not manage this task, he immediately loses his position in the tribe. Sexual performance is therefore strongly identified with masculinity and power.


The last and most peculiar sexual ritual is the traditional ceremony at the Saut d’Eau waterfalls, during which the followers of voodoo religion make collective sex in front of the crowd. Moreover, many pilgrims trying to connect with the deities fall into the specific trans – naked people wallow in the mud and wash in the water blood – stained ritual animals killed, and then indulge in sexual pleasure.

















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