Women and pornography

Women more and more often admit to watching pornography. PornHub, a popular porn website, recently checked which expressions were most often searched by women when entering adult sites.

PornHub is increasingly publishing data on who, what, how often, where and when to search for pornographic films. Women make up a quarter of the community using the services of pornographic websites. If we combine it with the fact that every day the website is visited by about 60 million people – it gives quite a number.

What porn films do women prefer?

If you look at the map of Europe, movies with lesbian participation dominate in the west (Poland is also included in this group), while in the east (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) the most popular are films from the anal category. The exceptions in this juxtaposition are Germans and Turks, who, according to the research, prefer films showing sex with teenagers. The ladies from the Czech Republic turned out to be the most subtle in our region – they most often search for films in categories dedicated to women and appreciate romantic, sensual porn.

These statistics, however, are volatile, which is why they also investigated what categories of films have become popular in recent times. It turned out that in the US or South Africa there was an increase in interest in Ebony categories – ladies more often watch sex with mulattoes and blacks, in Poland, Italy and France definitely see a growing interest in older women – especially the categories milf and mature, while in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Canada movies from the category of fetish or bondage are becoming more and more popular.

How much time do women devote to pornography?

In the first place with the score of 14 minutes and 20 seconds, the Filipinos were placed, the next in turn are US citizens – with 11 minutes and 51 seconds and the third place on the podium is occupied by ladies from South Africa. Interestingly, Polish women are below average in this ranking, because the average time spent watching porn films is only 8 minutes 51 seconds. The average value of time spent on pornography among women from all around the world is 10 minutes 33 seconds.

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